I design lovable digital products by orchestrating relationships between teams, user needs, and business goals.

Currently a Senior Product Designer at Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, Zalando.

I can talk for hours about how cool it is to design for B2B, why collaboration is the way to go, and how designers should be bridge-builders.

Fabi wear a black turtleneck, as designers do, during a workshop

Customer Experience Model

Helping Zalando Partners deliver exceptional buying experiences.

Customers expect an outstanding experience, regardless of whether they bought from Zalando or one of our Partners. My team and I define how Partners are guided to meet those expectations with insights and guidance on the Customer Experience Model.
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Article lifecycle management

Article management tooling at Connected Retail

Empowering Connected Retail partners with insights on the entire lifecycle of their products, as well as managing their assortment at the Zalando shop.
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Team Rituals

Creating team rituals that bring together three newly merged design teams and some twenty product designers.

Experience Value Score

Insights on subjective experience

We didn’t know the impact an event had on participants. With Lyyti's Experience Value Score, we do.

Lyyti Design System

A design system for a growing team

When I joined Lyyti, we became a Design Team of two. We quickly found out that, without a component library, we’d always be the bottleneck.

Hey, what's up?

I’m not currently available for work, but I’m always up for a chat. Reach out and I promise I’ll respond — I’m always down to talking about design!